Beauty of colors, imagination, creative impulse, expressive youth, impetuosity messages, teamwork is what emerges admiring the works of Italian and all over the world writers.

An art elusive, often clandestine, outside of schedules, developed most often in areas of decentralized metropolis, in bad and degraded neighborhoods.

Considered for years product of a subculture mass, the tradition of graffiti is experiencing a new light in Italy, and gained momentum from American hip-hop culture and European post-punk culture, inspiring itself to comics manga, the film genre, the TV spots advertising.

Street art, therefore, in its various forms of expression: murals, graffiti, stencil, stickers, pixel art and so on.

Lascia il segno (Give the sign) is a virtual museum of this ephemeral art, but still of the highest level. The goal is to make it known and appreciated by a wide audience and at the same time, try to keep track over time, given its extremity weakness.